The Journey Begins – I Wonder?

Thanks for joining me! I have, during the past number of years, developed an attitude of doubting what I hear when I’m told to take tablet a/ b or c, or that I shouldn’t eat this or that. This doubt has led me to begin questioning most of the shite I hear on a daily basis.

After discovering that there are many others who are much better trained than I am when it comes to answering queries, I considered sharing what I  have learned with others who also doubt. So, I have to begin somewhere and while contemplating this blog’s format and the direction it should take, I was reminded of the simple Bible verse… now included as the blog’s tagline.

Now, although I am a believer, I am not going to be preaching… well, until I feel obliged to share the odd Biblical principle. Having said that, I believe I am not right of centre, even though I regard myself as a freedom loving capitalist who abhors communism/ socialism and all the violence associated with those ideologies!

Do you also wonder about the truth when you hear all sorts of claims relating to:

  • Global Warming and CO² emissions?
  • Free speech and freedom of expression?
  • Tolerance and the inability of the Left to consider the views of others – just look at the hate emanating from the so-called educated, enlightened lot in the US of A… followed glibly by folk all over the western world as truth!
  • Carbs and Sugar – and the impact they have on mass illness epidemics
  • Cholesterol and Big Pharma’s desire to shove Statins down our throats

These are just some of the topics I will touch on… sharing the views of scientists and specialists in their field who have led the way in speaking out!

I hope you enjoy the trip with me… to reiterate, I am asking questions… and offering views contrary to the mass hysterical bull-s that’s shoved down our throats by mass media!